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Treatment on an instalment plan

mediratylogoMediRaty (instalment payments) is Poland’s first financing program (“Medical Loan”) of paid medical services made exclusively for the medical industry. A wide range of funded treatments and favourable conditions make MediRaty an ideal solution for patients who need to use medical services at the highest level without creating excessive financial burden to the household budget or waiting in a queue. More information about the services and instalment payments is available on
Due to signing of a cooperation agreement we are pleased to announce that our company has been registered in the MediRaty system (RATALNIE.COM.SA).

What makes MediRaty special

– Minimum formalities: one phone call or an electronic form is all you need.

– Possibility to obtain financing of up to PLN 50.000 after a standard over-the-phone verification (approx. 15 minutes), and signing of an agreement delivered by a courier even on the day of application.

– No initial fees and the lowest interest rate.

– Long repayment period up to 5 years (60 months).

MediRaty financing and instalment payments.
Dear Patient, we inform you that you can use all the services offered by the clinic without engaging your own funds and pay for all costs in instalments.

MediRaty is the first, widely accessible system of financing medical services in Poland. When the costs of treatments are no longer a barrier, it is easier to optimize a treatment plan.

1. Check your credit score, choose an instalment option, and order a financing plan – one phone call to a MediRaty Consultant is all you need.
2. Make a treatment plan with your doctor and begin its implementation.

Instalment calculator (shows predicted values)

How to get the financing – step by step

– Make a treatment and costs plan with a doctor at Silver Dental Clinic.

– Contact a MediRaty Consultant by phone at: 801000265, 22 266 83 70, and your credit score will be verified and an individual instalment offer will be presented.

– A patient who has accepted a credit offer receives an agreement to be signed which will be delivered by a courier company.

– After signing the agreement Silver Dental Clinic receives transferred funds to a special account and the patient can begin its treatment.

– Payment in instalments is made according to a schedule attached to the agreement concluded with the patient.

Online application (independent verification)

It is possible to apply for MediRaty via the Internet – e-Mediraty is an electronic system for submitting medical loan applications in three easy steps without the mediation of a verifier at any time (24h). You can safely and comfortably apply over the Internet without leaving your home. With this application, each patient who already knows the initial date and cost of the treatment can easily submit an application by providing the necessary data. The decision will be given within 5 minutes! In unusual situations, the patient will contacted by a MediRaty Consultant.

Consultant’s verification

If the patient prefers to be verified with the assistance of a MediRaty Consultant, the patient must send a simple application form (name, surname, e-mail, telephone) to, and a Consultant will call back at a convenient time for the patient; the patient can call a Consultant as well by selecting the following number: 801 000 265 or 22/266 83 70 (for mobile phones), every day from Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.