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The LAVA System

Are you dreaming of restoring your natural smile?

Do you want your self – confidence increased , and the natural look of your teeth restored?

Are you considering a crown or bridge?

If so, talk to our dentist about LAVA™ restorations

The Lava system is an innovative, digital-based CAD/CAM solution for developing all – ceramic restorations made from zirconic oxide (zirconia) compound with pressed and pre-sintered zirconia powder. It allows to create bio-compatible, nature – mimicking, aesthetic restorations of the highest strength and durability and a most accurate marginal fit.

Each patient receives a certificate with a 15-year warranty as and evidence of the highest quality of the Lava ™ restorations.

certyfikat lava
Nature – Inspired Restorations
Conventional metal-ceramic crowns are dark and lack in aesthetic appearance, unlike Lava crowns and bridges, which, built from natural materials, are so natural looking that it is hardly possible to distinguish them from natural teeth. Every time you smile, no one will notice the difference. Lava restorations are fully translucent just like natural teeth, hence – they look natural. What is more, their framework does not change colour: with a Lava crown or bridge you need not worry that their shade will change over time.

korona na metaluPorcelain crown on metal

korona lavaLAVA full-ceramic crown

No allergies, no irritations

Unlike conventional crowns and bridges with metal-based cores, LAVATM all-ceramic crowns and bridges are made from natural materials and contain nothing that is likely to cause an allergic reaction. Their perfect fit cause no irritations in the gingival margin. This exceptional accuracy is achieved through innovative technology – precise scanning and digital design of each Lava framework.

Natural temperature sensitivity

Fancy an ice-cream, or a cup of tea, but afraid of pain and discomfort? With Lava restorations, you can eat and drink hot or cold food experiencing no teeth pain. The materials used in a Lava restoration react the same way as natural teeth, protecting them from adverse conditions.

Comfort comes first

No problems

With Lava, you need not worry about your crown or bridge being chipped or fractured during eating. Studies have shown the durability of zirconium oxide to be even three times greater than the forces which occur in the mouth during chewing. Lava restorations have been proved to be extremely durable in numerous studies throughout the world. Lava crowns and bridges are suitable for both anterior and posterior regions.

Proven Solutions

The LAVA™ system is widely used throughout the world. Lava restorations have been tested by hundreds of thousands of patients and described in numerous scientific publications. The materials chosen for Lava frameworks are the effect of a long-lasting studies and experiments initialized 20 years past. Universities and acknowledged research institutes have conducted thousands of clinical and laboratory studies and revealed excellent optical and mechanical properties of the Lava material.