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ortodoncja buzieOrthodontics is a branch of dentistry specializing in treating patients with malocclusion defects, such as:

– Malocclusion causes diagnosis,

– Malocclusion causes elimination,

– Malocclusion defects ultimate treatment.


Orthodontics is the most grown and developing branch of dentistry in Poland in recent years, especially in fixed appliances treatments. Polish orthodontist professionals now have the opportunity to participate in numerous training cycles conducted by the world’s leading authorities in the field. It is those trainings that allow professional Polish orthodontists to treat their patients with modern world – class fixed appliances. Be aware, however, that the appliance itself is not a cure. The optimal use of all advantages of a specific type of braces depends on the skills and experience of the orthodontist in using the given appliance type.


A very important aspect of the orthodontic treatment throughout the world is a close cooperation of the orthodontist with an orthodontic laboratory. It is not only crucial for the removable appliances treatment, but also very helpful in fixed appliances treatment. It is the orthodontic laboratory that prepares the appliances upon doctor’s orders: transfer trays for lingual appliances, all sort of equipment aiding in fixed appliance treatment, or Clear Aligner splints. To ensure the highest comfort of an orthodontic treatment, our clinic offers a modern orthodontic laboratory on site, which prepares appliances of the highest quality on request and under the supervision of our orthodontists.


In orthodontics, everything starts with a correct diagnosis – the key to all further orthodontic treatment. The next step is the selection of the orthodontic appliance for the treatment.The orthodontist presents several braces types which vary in aesthetics, comfort, treatment duration and, of course, treatment cost. What is important is that the final treatment effect will be the same for regardless of the braces type chosen. Remember – malocclusion is not only an appearance issue, but foremostly impacts one’s health. Malocclusion defects affect the whole body and can result in a premature teeth loss and painful temporomandibular joint defects if not treated. Malocclusion can have many causes and can arise already in early toddler years. It is therefore worth to prevent such defects from forming in early years rather than treat them with orthodontic appliances in adulthood.

Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable corrective braces that are custom-made for your teeth.
System Damona to unikalna filozofia leczenia, która kreuje szerokie, piękne uśmiechy.
Only braces on the market that are so carefully and precisely adapted to the individual physiology of the patient’s teeth.
Clear Aligner is an innovative method of correcting malocclusion by means of transparent biocompatible splints.