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Digital Dental Radiography

Our clinic offers professional X-Ray diagnostic services with our modern dental imaging lab. The HYPERION panoramic imager, periapical X-Ray SATELEC and digital X-Ray sensor ZEN-X aid our dentists in quick and precise diagnostics and make the process simple and easy for our patients. Such a modern dental imaging lab guarantees high precision of complicated procedures – endodontic and implant treatments, due to the possibility of taking images during the treatment. The equipment used is fully digital, allowing not only for a higher image quality, but also limiting the X-ray doses to an absolute minimum.

HYPERION X7 3D PANORAMIC IMAGER with Morphology Recognition Technology (MRT)

pantomograf stomatologiczny hyperionThe Hyperion panoramic imager combines the features of an easy-to-use camera and many powerful and advanced solutions which make the device easier to handle. The imager automatically measures the patient’s height and his/her scull width, and adapts the exposure parameters accordingly. The units’ movements during the exposure is also adapted automatically and personalized for each patient. The two frontal touch-sensitive supports accompany the patient’s head into the correct position, compensating for any asymmetries due to the independent movement of the right and left supports. The direct, frontal approach of the unit makes HYPERION a machine comfortable for both the dentist and the patient. With a rotating section with full rotary movement enabled, and computer controlled, Hyperion can perform scans in all dimensions. The result is 15 diagnostic programmes allowing not only teeth panoramic projections but also maxillary sinuses and temporomandibular joints scanning in several views.

Advanced Kinematics

HYPERION stands out on account of its complex kinematics, which feature a rotary movement combined with two simultaneous shifters. Thanks to its capacity to follow the patient’s complex morphology accurately, it ensures constant image enlargement.

Super-fast scans

Short exposure times, from a minimum of 4 seconds to a maximum of 9 seconds, reduce the possibility of patient movement during the examination.

Automatic determination of exposure factors

For cephalometric scans, HYPERION automatically detects the nasion point and automatically adapts the exposure parameters for optimum representation of soft tissues and the aesthetic profile of the face.

3DTS – Dynamic Exploration of the Third Dimension

The possibility of glancing through the transversal slices of the examined area on a computer screen is extremely useful in implantology. It offers accurate radiographic images and allows for bone consistency measurements in the area in question. 3DTS is a dedicated examination using consequent reconstruction of data based on Tomosynthesis. It adds information on the third dimension (depth) of the examined region using a very limited X-ray dose.

Digital Dental Intraoral Radiography Sensor ZEN-X

radiowizjografia zen-x2 Digital Radiography is also used in our clinic in intraoral periapical X-ray imaging. The digital radiography sensor ZEN-X is a digital X-ray sensor placed in the oral cavity instead of conventional photographic X-ray film.

Zen-X was developed to facilitate the process of taking radiographic images thanks to an unparalleled ergonomic design that provides patients with maximum comfort. Rounded edges and chamfered corners of the sensor, matching the anatomical shape of the mouth, facilitate its positioning. The shape of the active surface with the chamfered corners allows optimization of the outer cover.

Three-layer sensor technology

Mastery in taking radiographic images. The sensor is made from three different layers combined in a single housing. Each of the layers affects the quality of the final result.

Cases of clinical applications of X-rays in dentistry

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