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Incognito lingual braces

If you value a natural and beautiful smile and nice looks, but also individualism and perfect quality and effectiveness – the Incognito lingual braces manufactured by 3M are for you! This exclusive braces offer innovative solutions for treatment of malocclusion. They are located on the internal side of teeth which allows the patient to keep the current aesthetics of smile. Locks are made of gold alloy, and are imperceptible to people in the closest environment. Bases of these locks are individually adapted to the patient’s teeth. Incognito lingual locks are much flatter than standard lingual locks, which makes them less noticeable and more comfortable. The treatment may be a bit unpleasant, but this is caused by the very fact of the teeth moving to the desired position, and this also takes place in the case of traditional braces. The treatment begins by taking a precise scan of the patient’s teeth. On the basis of the scan a laboratory in Bad Essen, Germany, produces braces that are perfectly matched to the anatomy and needs of a particular person. The gold alloy allows more precise execution of the so-called lock slots, i.e. elements through which the orthodontic arc is passed, and this is of fundamental importance for a proper movement of teeth. The arcs are made thanks to the use of advanced computer techniques based on simulations of expected effects of treatment (set-up). Braces prepared this way are sent to our clinic where they are glued to the patient’s teeth by an orthodontist. In conclusion, the Incognito braces are a perfect solution for people who appreciate the aesthetics of smile, which in the case of conventional braces cannot be kept. These are the only braces on the market that are so carefully and precisely adapted to the individual physiology of the patient’s teeth.


• Maximum comfort thanks to the flat profile of locks
• Easier adaptation
• Excellent treatment results in a short time
• Minimal risk of decalcification on the front surfaces of teeth
• Suitable for patients in each age group
• Perfect for allergy sufferers – do not contain nickel that is responsible for allergies
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Only braces on the market that are so carefully and precisely adapted to the individual physiology of the patient’s teeth.
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