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Terms of service

The terms of provision of dental services at Silver Dental Clinic

Silver Dental Clinic is a private dental practice. We specialize in orthodontics, implantology, preventive treatment, cosmetic dentistry, prosthetics, root canal treatment – endodontics, dental surgery, and pedodontics. The rules of seeing patients included in the following Terms of Service (TS) have been in force in our office with minor adjustments since 2007. Well-organized work allows providing dental services at a satisfactory level for both the patient and the entire staff.

Making appointments

We provide treatment services for previously planned visits discussed with the patient. The patient should schedule an appointment with a minimum of one week in advance. Patients’ visits are scheduled by a qualified and experienced dental receptionist on dates according to the order of applications. After a preliminary interview the receptionist estimates how much time to book for an appointment. A standard visit lasts 30 minutes, an endodontic visits (root canal treatment) or prosthetic visit last up to 120 minutes. Between patients being seen there are 5-minute breaks to prepare the work post. One day before the agreed date of a visit the receptionist sends a text message to the patient as a reminder of the visit and to obtain a confirmation that the patient will be present for the treatment. If the patient wants to cancel or postpone the visit, he/she is obliged to send back a text message stating “NO”. The doctor does not give consultations by phone or in a different location than directly on the dentist’s chair in the office.

First visit

On the first visit we will ask the patient to fill out a health questionnaire and these Terms of Service. After a dental consultation the doctor will present the patient a treatment plan and a cost estimate.

Order of seeing patients

Absolute priority is given to patients scheduled for a visit. We try to do everything to prevent any delays in seeing the patients. Unfortunately, sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, and some treatments are longer than expected. Therefore, we ask our patients to have an appropriate amount of spare time and treat delays with understanding. Apart from making treatments scheduled for a given day we can see extra patients but only those with complications arising during a dental treatment currently conducted in our office. Other persons in need of urgent medical intervention will be scheduled for the next available date or put on the reserve list.

Reserve list

To speed up the appointment date we suggest registering on the reserve list. From the list the patient will be moved to the first place vacated by another patient.

Cancelling appointments

Reservation of a deadline is a binding agreement between the dentist and the patient. It is the patient’s duty to notify Silver Dental Clinic about the cancellation of an appointment, because the charge for an unnecessarily reserved doctor’s time is PLN 100.00 per 60 minutes. How to avoid this charge? Standard visits and visits longer than 30 minutes should be cancelled not later than 1 working day before the scheduled appointment. The answering machine accepts appointments 24/7.

  • Every appointment can be cancelled with no consequences up to 24 hours before the scheduled deadline, with the exception of visits scheduled for hours before 12.00 on Monday (or another day of the week following the day off from work), and such an appointment should be cancelled no later than by 6.00 p.m. on a Friday (or the last working day preceding the day off from work). Saturday is considered a non-working day.
  • If the cancellation of a visit occurs in a shorter period than the described above, Silver Dental Clinic shall charge the patient with the amount of PLN 100.00 for every 60 minutes of a scheduled visit if the team’s time is not used for another patient. If this time is used – there shall be no consequences for the patient cancelling the visit.
  • If the visit is not cancelled and the patient does not come to the appointment, Silver Dental Clinic shall charge the patient with the amount of PLN 100.00 for every 60 minutes of a scheduled visit.

Late arrival for an appointment

A late arrival for an appointment that exceeds 15 minutes shall be treated as a cancellation of a visit, and may result in charging a fee for the cancelled visit. The doctor may see a late patient only if he considers that it will not make any delay in visits of subsequent patients. The scope of a planned visit may change.

Endodontic visits

To book a visit longer than 30 minutes new clients (i.e. patients who have not used the services of Silver Dental Clinic before) are required to pay a non-refundable reservation fee of PLN 100.00 that is included in the cost of a planned surgery. If the visit is not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, the fee is not refundable.

X-ray and photographic documentation

The doctor performs photographic and X-ray records for each stage of treatment. The range of photos includes the patient’s mouth and lips without the rest of the face. The patient gives consent to photographic and X-ray records, as well as to the use of the photos made during the treatment for teaching purposes, scientific publications and showing on the website without the patient’s name and surname. The clinic can also take pictures of the patient’s face, but their use for the above-mentioned purposes requires a separate, written consent of the patient, which the patient signs on a voluntary basis.


Out of concern for patients, employees of the clinic perform their services with due diligence and at the highest level. We provide a two-year warranty for fillings, prosthetic restorations – non-removable (crowns, veneers, bridges), and implants made in the clinic. If in the warranty period a fill in a tooth or a prosthetic restoration gets deformed, changes its colour or properties, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. If in the warranty period an implant falls out, a new one will be inserted or if this is not possible an alternative solution to restore a tooth will be used. In children, the warranty period for fillings in primary teeth is one year.
The complaint is not taken into account if the patient:

  • discontinued the scheduled treatment;
  • does not show up on follow-up visits after treatment (every 6 months, in patients with periodontopathy every 4 months);
  • does not follow the doctor’s instructions for oral hygiene and dentures;
  • uses or stores a prosthesis contrary to the doctor’s recommendations;
  • makes adjustments, alterations, repairs, and restorations on his/her own;
  • damaged a prosthesis outside the oral cavity;
  • has progressive bone atrophy causing a prosthesis to lower;
  • had an accident which resulted in damaged restorations;
  • suffers from bruxism (teeth grinding);
  • smokes cigarettes or has undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer – in case of implants and bone regeneration treatments.

The warranty provided for orthodontic treatments is determined in a separate document.


Before scheduling a dental treatment the patient must be aware that although the doctor’s greatest care during treatment there are sometimes unwanted and unplanned complications such as pain of a treated tooth or its surrounding tissues; lockjaw; crack or breaking of a tooth; oedema, abscess, hematoma; bleeding after surgery; increased body temperature, malaise; allergic reaction to drugs used; exacerbation of comorbid conditions.
The occurrence of complications in patients can cause as follows: discomfort and stress caused by pain; need for medication of relevance for drivers and pregnant women; aesthetic problems; eating and speaking problems; unplanned root canal treatment; unplanned tooth extraction, and prosthetic treatment.
Most of the afore-mentioned complications passes quickly without a trace. However, do not plan a visit to the dentist’s office before important events such as a work leave or a family celebration.