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Clear Aligner
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Dear Patients! The Silver Dental Clinic is one of the first dental clinics in Poland to introduce the Clear Aligner method of treating malocclusion. We have received the authorization for using this method from the SCHEU-DENTAL company. With extensive experience in using this treatment method gained since 2010 and a large number of patients where this treatment has been successfully completed, we can guarantee that it is truly an effective, aesthetic alternative to other traditional orthodontic treatments. In our “Clear Aligner Case Studies” we present selected cases of our patients treated with CA. Another advantage of our clinic is the fact of a modern orthodontic on-site lab in which professional dental technicians using SCHEU – DENTAL computer equipment and software create Clear Aligner splints on-site, reducing the time needed for their creation to the minimum, and increasing the precision to a maximum.


Clear Aligner is an innovative method of correcting malocclusion by means of transparent biocompatible splints. Due to the fact that the splint can be easily removed, the method is directed to the disciplined patients, strictly abiding by the dentist’s recommendations as to the amount of time the splints are to be worn.

Course of treatment

  1. Consulting the orthodontist – During your first visit the orthodontist assesses whether the defect is eligible for Clear Aligner splints. If that is the case, an intra-oral scan is performed – cephalometric and panoramic radiography. Temporary impressions are created which are then used by the technicians to produce diagnostic models and set-ups with precise measures of the displacement of individual teeth. The images, models and set-up allow the orthodontist to prepare an individual treatment plan.
  2. Treatment plan – During this visit the orthodontist presents a detailed treatment plan with the use of Clear Aligner splints. This plan consists of: – the estimated duration of the treatment – estimated treatment costs – information whether or not additional orthodontic elements will be used during the treatment (elastics, bondable buttons, etc.). After the treatment plan has been accepted, the lab produces the first set of Clear Aligner splints within 3 to 4 days.
  3. Treatment – The Patient receives the first set of splints, 3 varieties (soft, medium and hard) for each dental arch. Each set should be worn for 1 week, strictly following the dentists regulations. After 3 weeks, the dentist takes another set of temporary impressions, and another set of splints is produced. This procedure is repeatedly performed during the total duration of the whole treatment.
  4. The retention phase – The retention phase is a period when the teeth are stabilizing in the new position. This phase usually lasts twice as long as the actual treatment phase. During this phase, the patient wears a retainer prescribed by the orthodontist.
Advantages of Clear Aligner braces

– The treatment is painless, non-invasive and is very well tolerated by patients.

– The method allows for the highest aesthetics owing to the fact that the splints are transparent and thus barely visible.

– The splints can be very easily removed at all times, allowing to maintain a high level of oral hygiene during the treatment.

– The surface of the splints is smooth, perfectly matched to the teeth and the alveolar mucosa, thereby guaranteeing high comfort of use.

– Using Clear Aligner in treating malocclusion is in many cases cheaper than with fixed orthodontic appliances.

– Clear Aligner can be used to treat such dental misalignments as: Crowded teeth, Diastema, Open bite, Overbite, Cross bite and others.

– With additional elements such as bondable buttons, elastics or retainers, the Clear Aligner splints may also be also used to rotate misaligned teeth and for treatment of class II and III defects.

– The treatment effects depend mainly on the regular use of splints, expertise and qualifications of the orthodontist and the orthodontic lab which produced the splints.

Treatment effects of Clear Aligner braces
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Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable corrective braces that are custom-made for your teeth.
System Damona to unikalna filozofia leczenia, która kreuje szerokie, piękne uśmiechy.
Only braces on the market that are so carefully and precisely adapted to the individual physiology of the patient’s teeth.
Clear Aligner is an innovative method of correcting malocclusion by means of transparent biocompatible splints.