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  • The Wand

    painless anaesthesia the wand


    Anaesthesia is an additional source of anxiety, especially for the youngest patients, already familiar with the syringe. Most of us are afraid of pain, also of the pain induced by anaesthesia. We are afraid of syringes and needles. Especially children fear. In addition, the patients’ comfort after a visit to the dentist is significantly reduced by the tissue numbness - numbness and difficulty in speaking. With The Wand, the pain and fear during anaesthesia can be forgotten. The Wand is a modern, computer-controlled system for painless dental local anaesthesia injection.

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  • Inhalation sedation

    inhalation sedation piaseczno


    Inhalation sedation is a sedation technique where the sedative is delivered in the form of inhaled gas: a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen. It is a very safe and patient - friendly technique used in pain and fear management. It is widely used in dentistry and various other fields of medicine. Pain management has become a standard in modern treatment, thus, many types of anaesthesia have been developed, including the computer-controlled The Wand technique. In our clinic, we care for patients who are simply anxious and afraid, especially the youngest ones, but also those who suffer from inborn, unjustified dental phobia.

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  • Endodontic Microscope

    endodontic microscope


    The field of dentistry is developing dynamically to invent techniques to preserve natural teeth. Also, the patients more and more opt to keep their own teeth rather than having them extracted and replaced by a prosthetic restoration. This makes the endodontic treatment, or root canal treatment, a very important part of the everyday dental practice. Most patients who visit the dental office with a painful tooth require root canal treatment. In the past, if a tooth was damaged or diseased, it was usually extracted. But today, the chances of saving such a tooth are increasing.

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  • Clear Aligner

    orthodontic overlays clear aligner


    Clear Aligner is an innovative method of correcting malocclusion by means of transparent biocompatible splints. Our clinic was one of the first in Poland (in fact, first in Warsaw) to introduce this innovative orthodontic treatment method and has acquired the authorization from the SCHEU-DENTAL company for the manufacturing of the appliances and their clinical use. With extensive experience and a large number of patients treated successfully with this method, we can truly state that that CLEAR ALIGNER appliances can successfully replace fixed orthodontic appliances…

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  • Dental Implants

    dental implants


    Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of bio-compatible titanium which inserted in the jaw and form the basis for a prosthetic restoration, the “CROWN” to form a single tooth. By excessive teeth losses implants may serve as a support for dentures or bridges. The implantation procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia. The phenomenon of the procedure lies in the fact that the human body does not react to the titanium screw at all, that is, the screw itself does not induce any immune reaction…

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  • Beyond

    beyond lamp


    White and shiny teeth are a valuable asset to our self-image. A beautiful smile adds to our charm and self-confidence, is a requirement of modern times and shows our care for our aesthetics. A teeth whitening system is required to be above all effective, completely safe, convenient, and deliver immediate results. That is exactly how the BEYOND whitening system works. Tests have shown that teeth whitening using this method improves the colour of the teeth between 5 to 14 shades (according to VITA scale), and the effects are most definitely better than those obtained using other whitening systems…

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